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The value of a video clip depends on its relevancy to the audience. We use an advanced video discovery system that weighs algorithms to ensure that your video finds the right eyeballs, resulting in greater engagement, longer viewing times, and increased sharing.

Diverse Content

TV Shows, Movies, Viral Videos, Music Videos, and More.

We have access to more than 30,000 videos through partnerships with providers like Hulu, CBS, Vevo and many more, to deliver a broad range of high-quality and compelling content for any brand.

Viewer Satisfaction

Connect and engage with new audiences through targeted, relevant content.

Video search is vital to usability, allowing users to stay engaged longer and connects them to your brand, leading to increased brand loyalty and revenue.


Simple, Intuitive controls designed for every device.

Our unified four-screen user interface customizers content for optimal viewing for any screen - mobile, tablet, TV and computer - improving relevancy and engagement.