Beachfront Media Hires Justin Fadgen to Lead Beachfront Reach, Products

In related news today, Beachfront Media is excited to share its stack of video distribution, syndication and monetization products are the underlying technology for Tribune Content Agency’s new TVA Video Network. You can learn more here: Tribune Content Agency Introduces Data-Driven Video Network.


The ad tech industry is full of companies offering aggregation services to publishers in need of video content. But that’s a low margin, commoditized business dependent on aggressive revenue share terms and fluctuating CPMs to survive.


This is why Beachfront Media is positioning itself as more than just a source of content, but as a technology platform with multiple products to serve media companies, publishers, and advertisers.


The company recently brought on veteran video executive Justin Fadgen as VP of Business Development. In this role, Fadgen is charged with expanding Beachfront’s content inventory by emphasizing the usefulness of the Beachfront Reach syndication platform and ad mediation platform.


“Being a product company, we can provide real value to advertisers, publishers, and media companies,” he explained. “There’s an opportunity through technology to put our partners in a position to maximize what they get out of this business.”


For instance, the new Reach initiative allows media companies to not only distribute their content to a wider footprint of publishers and apps, but also acts as a white-label solution to manage their own syndication networks within an existing affiliate program. meanwhile allows publishers to not only access a network of video content, but manage the advertising activity to support it on the back end.


“You can have a bevy of distribution deals, but with no insight into how they are performing based on traffic quality or ad viewability you’re limited in your effectiveness,” said Fadgen. “Beachfront’s products allow you to know what’s going on and employ controls, giving you the tools to identify underperformers and target better outlets to get more yield out of your relationships.”


Fadgen has a long history in the online video space. He joins Beachfront most recently from Rhythm NewMedia, where he was VP of business development. He previously spent six years at GrabMedia as VP of publisher services, and prior to that put in four years in different roles at AOL.

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Mishka The Talking Husky

As if being featured on TV talk shows, commercials, and YouTube wasn’t enough, Mishka the Talking Husky is now going mobile, thanks to an app created using Beachfront Builder.


With more than 600,000 YouTube subscribers and over 440 million streams since 2008, Mishka is now saying “I love you” among other things to fans via smartphones on both iOS and Android platforms. In addition to viewing all Mishka’s available videos, fans can use the app to keep up to date on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.


Mishka and her sisters Laika and Moki reportedly came to Beachfront after their owner Matt Gardea read about Olga Kay’s mobile app, which also was built on the mobile video platform.

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Beauty Blogging is Big Business, Check Out The Latest Beachfront Builder Apps

Beauty Blogging is more than a hobby. It’s become a big business for those successful enough to command a loyal following, and with that following the endorsement of beauty brands eager to get their product in front of audiences in new ways.


To give you an idea how far this business has come, check out this list of the top 10 beauty and style YouTube channels, created by Outrigger Media for AdAge.


Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.21.37 PM


That’s right, these channels are raking in between $14,000 to $41,000 in estimated earnings a MONTH. With this kind of earnings potential, and the increasing interest among brands to partner with YouTube stars, it’s no wonder more up and coming personalities are entering the market.


In an effort to build their personal brand, many are smartly creating dedicated mobile apps as a way of creating a more direct relationship with viewers not dependent solely on YouTube. A few that recently joined the Beachfront Media network include:


Danielle Marie This up-and-coming 16-year-old beauty “guru” has built up a following of over 77,000 generating over 4 million views. Focusing on the teen market with both her delivery and content, her app is available on both iOS and Android, with nearly 2,000 downloads in less than a month.


Manda31409 At 22, Manda has compiled over 130,000 subscribers and close to 100,000 views in about a year on YouTube. She’s taking this momentum to her fans directly via a new app, available on both iOS and Android. She mixes beauty and makeup with other content like gossip, product reviews and more.


We expect these to be the first of many more such aspiring young content producers taking control of their careers by planting their flag on mobile devices sooner rather than later. Stay tuned.

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Beachfront Media Introduces New Video Syndication Platform: Beachfront Reach

Today at DEMO Traction, Beachfront Media introduces a syndication and monetization platform for video called Beachfront Reach.


There is a mobile video revolution going on now – everything from live streaming video to multi-platform experiences. Two years ago, Beachfront Media decided to focus its development efforts on being the leader in mobile video. Ever since then, Beachfront has been in lockstep with this revolution going from just 100 million mobile video requests per month to over 15 billion mobile video requests per month, within the last 18 months.  


Beachfront Media is leading technology innovations in the mobile video revolution once again with its latest technology: Beachfront Reach, a next generation syndication and monetization platform for mobile video.


Here’s a little background on Beachfront Reach.




Beachfront Reach is a turnkey video syndication solution that benefits both content providers and publishers.


- Content Providers can distribute their video content to multiple publishers across Beachfront’s video app network to gain new viewers and create new ad inventory.


- Publishers gain access to quality video inventory complimentary to their existing content to increase engagement by encouraging visitors to stay longer, leave less, and look more.


- Both share in the new ad revenue created.




Larger media companies are chronically oversold on the web properties they control and the demand to advertise on their sites is far greater than the supply.


Reach creates new ad inventory for media companies by allowing these content providers to syndicate their videos across multiple publishers with an existing audience and built-in revenue model.




Beachfront pairs content created by media company partners with the publishers in our network. Its network consists of video culled from 1,000 websites and apps, generating 300,000 individual videos under license and another 1,000 added a week, with 15 million unique viewers across the platform, generating over 500 million streams a month.

Reach then generates revenue for each view of this content through a revenue share of the ads placed against it. Content providers and publishers each take a cut of the advertising, which Beachfront tracks, collects, and shares with all parties automatically. No extra effort needed.

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Beachfront Hires Former Fullscreen Exec Jeff Chi

Beachfront Media is looking to deepen ties with advertisers and ad agencies, and recently hired former Fullscreen exec Jeff Chi to lead that effort.


As Beachfront’s first VP of Ad Sales and Monetization, Chi is charged with establishing direct relationships between ad agencies and Beachfront’s network of publishers. These include mobile apps, websites and influencers such as YouTube stars and other creators.


Beachfront Media is a leading video technology company enabling distribution, measurement, and monetization across all screens – mobile, tablet, desktop and connected TV. With over 5 billion video views a year, Beachfront offers solutions that address the full spectrum of content, publishing and advertising needs with a consistent and integrated approach across multiple devices. Our products include Beachfront Reach, a video syndication platform, Beachfront Builder, a video app platform, and, our video monetization engine.


Chi’s arrival marks an expansion of that effort by selling premium ad inventory to ad agencies and advertisers directly. He plans to do so by offering first-party data, advanced geo-fencing capabilities, and social media targeting. The intent is to offer ad agencies and advertisers to better target Beachfront content and audience. Chi’s background heading up ad sales for such companies as UberMedia and Media Mayhem seems a perfect fit for that role.


One of the ways Chi hopes to attract Fortune 500 advertisers is by creating what he calls a “mobile MPN” (mobile multi platform network) out of the company’s Beachfront Builder mobile application platform. Beachfront Builder has over 100 official influencer apps live already, such as those by Olga Kay, Rooster Teeth, and Epic Rap Battles.


“There’s a massive opportunity for the traditional MPNs, creators and influencers looking for additional reach off of YouTube,” Chi says. “I’m looking forward to not not only offering them a turnkey platform to help them achieve that goal, but also create more opportunities for ad agencies and advertisers to reach an influencer’s mobile audience directly in a controlled and premium ad environment.”

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Howard Pinsky brings his Photoshop Tutorials to Android and iOS with Beachfront Builder

We are excited to announce Photoshop wizard and YouTube personality Howard Pinsky is bringing his entire catalog of Photoshop tutorials to iOS and Android devices, completely powered by the Beachfront Builder app platform. We worked with Howard to quickly get an app built so he could capitalize on the growing majority of viewers watching videos on their mobile devices.
Now, users will be able to learn as text effects, photo composition, photo retouching, the basics of photoshop, designing in photoshop, special effects, and much more right from their mobile device. New videos will be available in the app every week.

pinsky-screen2 pinsky-screen

“Mobile is booming, and with almost 50% of my viewers reaching for their phones to watch my tutorials, building an app was the next logical step. Unfortunately, my coding knowledge is next to nothing. The Beachfront Builder allowed me to design and create an app with no coding experience at all, and now my viewers have a central app to view my content, and keep up with my social activity.”
Howard’s YouTube channel, IceflowStudios, boasts over 309K subscribers and 67,165,812 views and counting. We are extremely excited to help him syndicate his video content onto mobile devices and help his users learn the ins and outs of photoshop.
It’s humbling that so many popular YouTubers keep choosing us, and we promise to keep innovating the Beachfront Builder platform to ensure our partners always have the best tools at their fingertips.
Download the Android version of his app.
Download the iOS version of his app.

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Rooster Teeth Rolls out Mobile Apps with Beachfront

We are very excited to announce the release of the Rooster Teeth app, powered by BeachfrontBuilder and available on iOS and Google Play. To the delight of its community, Rooster Teeth fans can enjoy Achievement Hunter, Let’s Play, The Know, and Slow Mo Guys all in one place. The app, created with Beachfront Media’s App Builder, will also be available on several set-top boxes such as Roku, and even on smart TV’s like Google, LG, and Samsung Televisions.
Rooster Teeth produces the longest running video series on the Internet. Founded 12 years ago by Burnie Burns who figured out how to make popular online videos before YouTube even existed, his company now produces 51 different video series with billions of views. Rooster Teeth’s YouTube channel currently has 7,929,197 subscribers and more than three billion views – and that number grows daily.
Rooster Teeth achieved fame by voicing over gameplay videos of Halo, leading to the creation of Red vs. Blue in 2003 and now in its twelfth season, is still going strong. Now they produce live action shorts, comedy gameplay videos and even full length productions.

Beachfront Builder makes it possible for content creators to build video community apps for mobile and Connected TV devices, giving fans access to video content and social feeds from services such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr – in one place. Expanding into apps makes it possible for publishers to introduce ecommerce options and diversify revenue opportunities through Beachfront’s Programmatic Video Ad Platform,

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Recapping Our Digital Hollywood Panel

unnamedOur CEO Frank Sinton participated in a Digital Hollywood panel earlier this week – Innovation in Video Advertising: Enhancing Brand Experience – Maximizing Revenue in Syndication, Ad Insertion and Live Streaming.
The panel was moderated by Lauren Cole of Cole Media and included: Cory Klippsten, Fuisz Interactive Media; Nikao Yang, AdColony; Yahav Isak, Digitas Health; Offer Yehudai, Inneractive; Joseph Dumont, Pandoodle; and, of course, Frank.
The conversation focused predominantly on current trends in digital video advertising, while also looking ahead at things like mobile search evolving to better surface elements of video advertising. Here’s some quick highlights and takeaways from our team who had the pleasure of sitting in..

Responsive Design

The panel had a long discussion about the important role responsive design plays in mobile video advertising. There’s a unique design and different anticipated responses advertisers need to think about for each specific publisher. As all panelists agreed: Taking a 30-second TV spot and using it for mobile video won’t work.
Specifically, here are a few questions to take into consideration when considering responsive design: Is it running in a pre- or mid-roll spot? Is it popping up during a photo gallery? What’s the correct format for a 6-second ad (Vine-esque)?

The takeaway

Advertisers need to curate and customize content based on the environment the ads are being served in. This is really important for creatives in mobile video.

Plug & Play

Another major theme was the need for platforms that offer scalability, and most agreed the key to achieving this is through plug and play automation. As Frank pointed out, at Beachfront Media everything from our Builder app platform to our programmatic ad platform is plug and play and simple for non-technical people to use. For example with Builder, you can build an app that works across mobile devices and connected TV platforms in less than 10 minutes.

The takeaway

The industry needs to offer advertisers and publishers tools to easily plug in their assets and the platform does the building, customizing and delivery for them.

Native Advertising

Frank really drove the discussion surrounding native advertising. Beachfront’s focus is to maximize monetization for video publishers. As Frank explained, Beachfront’s differentiator is that we combine the premium video publisher real estate with our IO platform to bring truly native ads to each individual mobile experience. Put simply, the creative needs to be specific to the mobile environment the video ad is placed in.

The takeaway

It’s about being smart, contextual and having good creatives that are customized for the wide array of unique mobile experiences across publishers.

Augmented Reality

Lauren ended the panel by asking what each panelist is looking forward to in the future. Frank’s final takeaway was fun: He wants to use new high-megapixel phones to snap pictures of objects to learn more about what’s surrounding him in the physical world.
In closing, here are a few of our favorite quotes from the panel:
There’s a lot of brand engagement that can happen on mobile that you can’t enjoy on TV.
Mobile is the best place for advertisers because it combines sight, sound and motion with action.
Beachfront is enabling content anywhere it can be. Our job is to talk to advertisers about ways we can facilitate healthy engagement between brands and viewers.
The value of demos and live examples can’t be understated when communicating with advertisers what really works.
That’s all. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Beachfront Builder now supports Google Chromecast, Apple Airplay and Amazon FireTV

New connected televisions (connected TVs) enhance the everyday experience of consuming video content by offering a better internet-powered viewing experience. Whether you’re streaming movies, TV shows or your favorite YouTube programming, connected TVs are taking over the living room. In fact, there will be more than 759 million television connected to the Internet worldwide by 2018, more than double 2013′s number, according to Digital TV Research.


It’s with all this in mind that we at Beachfront Media have made it an imperative to support all the popular connected TV platforms, ensuring creators and viewers can easily adapt and enjoy the new streaming world. The number of mobile devices and connected TV platforms Beachfront Builder supports continues to grow. We now support Airplay (Apple TV), Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV. These services join Roku on our growing list of supported connected TV platforms. We consider ourselves an every screen company and this is now more true than ever.


Airplay is supported on all apps created for iOS and Chromecast is supported on all apps created for iOS and Android. When you fire up one of our apps on your device, it will automatically detect whether an Apple TV or Chromecast is connected to your WiFi network. If a device is detected, you will see the respective icon on the screen that will send the video to that device.

Amazon Fire TV, Amazon’s debut connected TV product, is now an additional app option when creating with Builder. Users will not have to take any additional steps to create a Fire TV app. Simply build an app as usual (which takes under 5 minutes) and it will instantly have Amazon Fire TV support.




A multi screen experience is a crucial element to consuming digital video. Devices are becoming smarter and beginning to work more seamlessly together. We want our video creators using Beachfront Builder to take advantage in this shift in the digital media landscape.

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New Olga Kay app connects with fans on phones and connected TVs

Our Contribution

The mission we’re on at Beachfront Media with our Builder app platform is to combine the multi-screen world with video content and zero latency to create powerful ways viewers can connect to the YouTubers they love. And with that in mind, we’re ecstatic to announce we’ve helped another YouTube star connect to fans on their phones and connected TVs: Olga Kay.



The App

We are very excited to announce the release of the OlgaKay app, completely powered by the Beachfront Builder app platform. We worked with her to quickly get an app built so she could capitalize on the growing majority of viewers watching videos on their mobile devices.


About Olga Kay

With over a million subscribers between all her social channels, Olga Kay, repped by Untitled Entertainment Management, is rising in the ranks of YouTube stardom and we could not be happier to help her extend her brand. This isn’t simply about getting an app built for every phone, it’s having a solution for the connected TV space to better monetize her content.



olga-kay-app-3olga-kay-app-1 olga-kay-app-2



purple-moosh-world-banner-940The OlgaKay app is a complete Olga Kay experience from the moment you launch the app. Now her fans can consume an endless amount of her comedy, gaming and beauty video content all in one place. The Olga Kay content does not stop there, viewers can also interact with Olga’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram without ever leaving this one of a kind ‘Moosh Army’ mobile experience.



Download the Olga Kay app for iOS here.
Download the Olga Kay app for Android here.

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