The Company

With the breakdown in traditional technological barriers, founder Frank Sinton knew a new video model was crucial. Started in 2007, Beachfront Media changes the game.

We are known for our App Platform which provides an array of benefits such as eliminating the need for coders, flexibility, cross screen availability, and built in monetization models.

Beachfront Media has developed four cornerstones of success in it’s model that can work independently or in synchronization. Our Beachfront Builder, Beachfront Solutions, Beachfront Network, and Flagship MeFeedia.

Our Clients and Partners

“Beachfront is essentially eliminating this complexity and cost, freeing content providers' to focus on their core skills of programming and audience development.”

Will Richmond, VideoNuze

“Distributing video content to connected TV platforms just got a bit easier: Beachfront Media, the company behind the video discovery site Mefeedia, added an option to build apps to Roku, Google TV, Samsung and LG to its Beachfront Builder offering.”

Janok Roettgers, GigaOm

Our Crew
  • Frank Sinton CEO
  • Lisa Connell EVP Business Development
  • Alexander Kozak VP of Monetization
  • Todd Kuehnl Director of Engineering
  • Trey Titone Manager of Publisher Development
  • Shanon Niebauer VP of Marketing
  • Joey Santos Lead Designer
  • Udit Agarwal Lead Android Developer
  • Dan Drescher VP of Sales
  • Alex P
Advisory Team
Bedi Singh

Mr. Singh is President of Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer of MGM. Prior to MGM, Bedi was CFO of Gemstar/TV Guide.

Eytan Elbaz

Mr. Elbaz is Chairman and Co-Founder of Deep Dive Media. Previously, Eytan was Co-Founder of Applied Semantics.

Brian Taff

Mr Taff currently serves as Chairman of Delivery Labs, LLC, a company he co-founded.

Aidan Foley

Mr. Foley is the Chief Executive Officer of AF Double Eagle, a corporate development and distribution company.

Jonathan Rosen

Mr. Rosen is the Vice President of Sales and Business Development of Spot Runner, a technology-driven advertising firm.